Big Glam: Roses in the Petite- a How To

Big Glam: Roses in the Petite- a How To

I love all the functional ways I can use our Victoria Baskets. When designing the Petite, the initial intent was to have the perfect little babe to accompany us to a beach side bottomless mimosa brunch session. The perfect size for any resort wardrobe. When I was done wearing her, I really didn't want to store her back into the abyss of my closet, she was too pretty and so nice to look at, so... what should I do with her?

After splurging on flowers at my corner florist, I came home with more flowers than vases to store them in. As I sorted them out, I placed a bouquet inside of my Petite Victoria Basket that was perched on the counter looking like she was asking to be helpful. Wow, I thought. This actually looks kinda cute! I think I may have unintentionally found an extra stylish way to use my Petite Victoria Basket around my home.

I grabbed a bunch of red roses, cut them short then tied them together in a rubber band. I only had taller vases, and when I placed on in her it looked awkward, so I had to improvise. In a small bowl I poured water and the flower food mix and placed the bowl inside the Petite Victoria Basket (don't worry about spilling, she can get wet!). Once all set in, I placed my flowers in the bowl then spruced up the roses... AND VIOLAAA!

I had the prettiest arraignment inside of my Petite Victoria Basket. My small basket with leather handles had a new purpose, aside from making me look put together and polished, of course.

She ended up looking something like this:

This serendipitous moment was the source of inspiration for our Vintage Valentine Romance campaign for the 2021 Valentine season. I, along with my team, created beautiful arrangements using my favorite colored roses. Together, we designed our Valentine's Day campaign. All the content was used between our website and social media platforms ( FOLLOW US! @sonderandholliday)

It also inspired us to design our Astoria Wine Holder, which of course, doubles as a vase.

A few tips on how to style your Petite Victoria Baskets with flowers


  1. Ensure the stems are cut correctly and at a good size. Do not cut them all the same size. Remember you want volume and you want some of the flowers to be taller than others so when you angle them it looks like a little bush instead of a uniform cut that will stand awkwardly.

  2. Soak a foam or sponge and stick each stem individually to ensure they do not glide out of place.

  3. Another pretty idea is to place a rectangular foam upwards towards the back wall of the basket and stick the roses horizontally so you get a fuller effect and the flower is facing outward instead of upwards. Like these photos:



4. Don't forget to water! Keep your foam fresh by watering daily or if you have a small bowl you can place the foam in the bowl. Another idea is to use a small jar (like those European jelly jars) and sticking your arraignment inside. I've even used 2 of those small jars at a time in one Petite. Just ensure that your flowers are secured with a rubber band at the bottom of the stems.

We can't wait to see what you've created. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram and tag us! We would love to share your masterpiece!

- Lorena Miranda Bendeck

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