So, Who are We and Why Are We Here?


Values based, from the ground up

#FairTrade, #FairPay, #Sustainable... sometimes it seems like a lot of brands  toss these hashtags and buzzwords around like confetti without showing us a transparent view into the impact they say they have.

We wanted to take things several steps forward and truly allow our customers and clients a clear view into what we mean when we say we trade fairly, pay equitably, and create long term profitable growth for our artisan partners.

We understand how saturated these subjects may seem considering the landscape of these kinds of conversations. And while efforts by others are valid and necessary, many times, the intention of the impact falls flat. There are several reasons why this happens, which we will help you understand as you navigate through this page.

Because we understand the nature of the profound challenges of working with these kinds of groups, we also know how to manage them and have successfully integrated this layer of partnership into our business model.

Let us show you how...

Before you continue to learn more about us, we highly recommend you watch the short video below, Why I Started- A note from Founder Lorena Miranda Bendeck. This short video offers an understanding of the core of our "Why" as a business.

How Do We Reinvest?

When we first created our company, we did so knowing that we wanted to be a values based luxury brand that would serve as part of the solution to unfair business practices and inequitable pay. Despite incredible challenges, we've been able to make some major impacts of positive change while sticking to our beliefs and mission.
Here's Our Story.

The Rebuilding of the Victoria Business & Design Center

The crux of our privately funded efforts in Ghana via our Victoria Project

Adding in the roof reinforcements

The first load of wood arriving to the center!

Roof finally raised and reinforced.

How Do We Pay Fairly?

True Luxury Uplifts the Wearer and the Maker

When we are formulating our pay structure, one important thing we keep in mind is how long it takes to produce a product and how many can be produced within a week/month. Our goal is to pay our makers a livable wage that helps break the chains of generational poverty. With this formula in mind, we oftentimes end up paying our makers up to 5 times market value for the items produced. 

To learn more about how we pay, the impact our jobs have on the communities we source form, and the challenges we sometimes face trying to do the right thing, visit our Blog.


True Luxury Takes Time

Fashion is a very dirty industry. We understand the impact that fast fashion and just-in-time production has on our planet. That is why we pride ourselves in being "slow" producers and offering limited quantities.

​We do everything we can to be as sustainable as possible. From the places we source raw materials to reducing how much and how often we print in office, our company is committed to being a part of the solution. 

The Makers


The women behind the Why.


Lorena Miranda Bendeck

A full blooded Miami girl, Lorena is the daughter of Colombian immigrants and a proud Florida State University graduate. With over 25 countries visited and 15+ years experience in developing businesses overseas as a Financial Planner and then as an International Steel Trader, launching a brand with makers from around the world was like second skin when she started building LVM Group and companies in 2015. A life lover with an affinity for all things luxury, Lorena has dedicated this phase of her life to uplifting communities through the sale of their handmade luxury grade products and committing to helping them learn and apply better business practices so they can grow their own businesses successfully and sustainably. ​


Victoria Cuesta

Born and bred in Miami to a Cuban immigrant father and a Southern mother, Victoria and Lorena met during their FSU days studying abroad in Spain. She has since gone on to spend 6+ years in luxury hotel and restaurant management and event planning before pursuing her MBA at Emory University in Atlanta. After business school, she spent the next 6 years in marketing for a Fortune 50 company all while working with Lorena to build LVM Group. With over 60 international trips to 44 countries she is well on her way to her goal of visiting 50 countries before age 40. When not galavanting around the world, you can find her volunteering in her local community with The Junior League of Atlanta, failing at gardening, and hosting soirees for her friends.


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Operating from a headquarters thousands of miles away from our artisan partners presents significant challenges, particularly due to language barriers and time differences. However, we've overcome these obstacles by partnering with dedicated individuals who assist us in bridging these gaps. Together, we collaborate to build sustainable businesses that positively impact their communities.

Business Development and Coordinator- Ghana

As the Business Developer and Coordinator in Ghana, Abraham is directly responsible for organizing the weaving teams, ensuring the weaver verification process, reporting their pay, and managing the quality of all of the items made for Sonder and Holliday in Ghana. Currently, he is also serving as the liaison between our team in the United States and the engineers and builders working on the reconstruction of the Victoria Business and Design Center that is being financed by our privately funded reinvestment program, The Victoria Project.

- Abraham Akalankum

Head Artisan and Creative Director -  Colombia

In charge of managing purchase orders, organizing the workload for our exclusive artisans teams  and overseeing all creative aspects to our Colombian made products, Juan Sebastian is a key component to our success in Colombia. With a keen eye for detail and andimpeccable method of weaving, Juan is not only one of the youngest artisans in the group but he is also so good, he has been selected to teach the next generation of makers.

- Juan Sebastian Màrquez

Product Development and Quality control- Kenya

Coming Soon.

-To Be Determined