A Clean Place is a Safe Place: The Soap Program

A Clean Place is a Safe Place: The Soap Program

Our privately funded Victoria Project Soap Program is a sparkling success!

It is also a huge benefit to many of our weavers as the cost of soap, even with fair pay, can still be unaffordable. It also remains fairly inaccessible since it requires a long ride to the market which can be expensive.

One of the perks of achieving certification with the Victoria Centre is that a weaver now become eligible to receive benefits which include access to our Soap Program. Our goal with the Soap Program is to provide soap to each weaver, long enough to last at least 6 weeks . The leader of the tribe along with our Business Developer, Abraham, head to the store together and purchase several boxes of soap. The soap is then distributed among the weavers throughout several days (weavers do not go to the centre ever day).

Something as simple as soap is extremely important in areas like Bolgatanga because, and especially during a global pandemic, keeping oneself clean is a basic component of a quality of life. Our hope is that with consistent use of soap, it becomes a natural part of their every day culture and in essence, prevents preventable diseases caused by dirty hands and conditions.

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