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Woven Basket With Leather Handles

Why You Should Choose Our Large Straw Baskets

Whether you’re searching for the perfect gift, a gorgeous handbag, or a beautiful way to store your goods, our large straw baskets are a perfect choice. These stunning baskets are made from straw that is considered a nuisance to farmers. This means that our sustainable materials are also helping the farmers by collecting the material from their lands. The result is an assortment of stunning products like our woven basket with leather handles. Each item is hand woven and made with sustainably sourced goatskin handles for added functionality and luxurious touch. These products are created by hand, and they provide residents with a business and education center where weavers and their families can thrive. We offer large straw baskets that are also available in small sizes that make fabulous handbags all the way to our Grand Victoria that’s big enough for a beautiful plant, a place to store books and magazines, or a closet organizer.


One of the things that make our sustainable large straw baskets so unique is that you can reshape them with water. The strong, durable straw is sliced in half and intricately braided to create the unique, beautiful pattern you see. Since the straw is flexible, you can reshape the woven basket with leather handles by wetting it. Start by soaking your basket in a large sink or tub and try to keep the leather handles dry. Once the straw is wet, you can reshape it as you desire, then let it dry for a full 12 hours before using it again. These natural straw products can be dried in the sun but try to keep your colored baskets out of direct sunlight so the colors don’t bleed. With their durable and gorgeous designs, you’ll find our beautiful large straw baskets are a perfect accessory for your look and your home.

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