Travel Goods

Stay in Style with Luxurious Resort Goods

Whether you’re hitting the beach around the corner or heading out of town to a tropical island, having the right travel goods can mean the difference between looking trendy and out of touch. Our beautiful resort goods will give you the stylish boost you need while providing you with functional products that are made to last. Look for our hand woven straw hats that come in a range of sizes and styles. These gorgeous travel goods are perfect to protect your eyes and face from the sun while giving your travel outfit a dramatic, trendy look. Try an oversized straw hat that adds a bit of wow to your ensemble. A fedora hat in various colors will instantly elevate your travel look while giving you the sun protection you need all summer long. Straw hats in a white or natural color are the perfect companion to sundresses, swimsuits, and linen tailored suits alike.

AS you shop for new resort goods, you can’t forget to find the perfect tote. Be sure to browse our stunning collection of hand woven baskets featuring durable straw that can handle lots of use. These striking baskets include a soft yet sturdy goat leather handle to give them a pop of bold style and comfortable functionality. Choose between our range of petit baskets for small accessories all the way to our large baskets that are perfect for holding everything from beach towels to sunscreen and more. You can easily reshape our woven baskets by soaking them in water and allowing them to air dry. Choose a basket in a matching color with our hats or try something daring with black and natural stripes. No matter what you choose, our gorgeous resort goods are perfect for your next vacation and while looking your best at home, too.