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Who we are, why we started, what we have accomplished, and what we expect to achieve. 

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So, Who are We and Why Are We Here?


Values based, from the ground up

#FairTrade, #FairPay, #Sustainable... sometimes it seems like a lot of brands  toss these hashtags and buzzwords around like confetti without showing us a transparent view into the impact they say they have.

We wanted to take things several steps forward and truly allow our customers and clients a clear view into what we mean when we say we trade fairly, pay equitably, and create long term profitable growth for our artisan partners.

We understand how saturated these subjects may seem considering the landscape of these kinds of conversations. And while efforts by others are valid and necessary, many times, the intention of the impact falls flat. There are several reasons why this happens, which we will help you understand as you navigate through this page.

Because we understand the nature of the profound challenges of working with these kinds of groups, we also know how to manage them and have successfully integrated this layer of partnership into our business model.

Let us show you how...

Before you continue to learn more about us,
we highly recommend you watch the short video below,
Why I Started- A note from Founder Lorena Miranda Bendeck. 
This short video offers an understanding of the core of our "Why" as a business.

How Do We Reinvest?

When we first created our company, we did so knowing that we wanted to be a values based luxury brand that would serve as part of the solution to unfair business practices and inequitable pay. Despite incredible challenges, we've been able to make some major impacts of positive change while sticking to our beliefs and mission.
Here's Our Story.