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Fair Pay & Sustainability

Fair Pay

True Luxury Uplifts the Wearer and the Maker

When we are formulating our pay structure, one important thing we keep in mind is how long it takes to produce a product and how many can be produced within a week/month. Our goal is to pay our makers a livable wage that helps break the chains of generational poverty. With this formula in mind, we oftentimes end up paying our makers up to 5 times market value for the items produced. 

To learn more about how we pay, the impact our jobs have on the communities we source form, and the challenges we sometimes face trying to do the right thing, visit our Blog.

Lorena Miranda Bendeck-Miami-Made in Ecuador


True Luxury Takes Time

Fashion is a very dirty industry. We understand the impact that fast fashion and just-in-time production has on our planet. That is why we pride ourselves in being "slow" producers and offering limited quantities.

We do everything we can to be as sustainable as possible. From the places we source raw materials to reducing how much and how often we print in office, our company is committed to being a part of the solution. 

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