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Handmade Home Decor

Why Buying Ethical, Home Decor is So Important

Whether it’s new clothing, shoes, home decor, or cosmetics, it’s crucial to know exactly where your favorite products come from and how they are made. Our handmade home decor is beautiful and durable, and they’re made utilizing ethical and sustainable methods to ensure that you’re getting a product from a trustworthy source. The world of fashion and home decor produces a range of pollutants and toxic chemicals that harm the environment. From transporting goods overseas to infusing chemicals into skincare and other household products, it makes the industry a dirty place unless you purchase sustainable home decor. Make sure you know exactly where the materials come from in every item you buy. You may be surprised at just how many items you own come from sources that are not fully sustainable and good for our environment. The key is to choose sustainable products that come from raw materials and that are made in the safest, cleanest way possible.

It's also important to find handmade home decor and other products that are made in an ethical way. Companies that don’t pay their workers a livable wage or that force people to work in unsafe conditions are continuing to thrive. Look for companies that pay their workers a fair wage so they can break the chains of poverty and provide for their families. An ethical company like ours formulates our pay structure by determining how long it takes to make a product and how many we can produce in a specific amount of time. Our makers receive up to five times the market value for the items they produce in most cases. The goal is to find products that have a positive impact on the local communities they come from as well as on our world and environment as a whole.

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